Walid Hatem Abushammala Decoding His Success in the EdTech sector

Walid Hatem Abushammala Decoding His Success in the EdTech sector

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Every successful entrepreneur have faced many obstacles while trying to establish a name for themselves. Walid Hatem Abushammala is among those successful entrepreneurs with a budding social media presence.

Walid Hatem Abushammala Decoding His Success in the EdTech sector

Walid’s journey towards becoming successful was obviously not easy for him. However, his mind and some brilliant strategies have helped him make almost infallible decisions every time. His core strategy was to never depend upon guesswork to make a good business decision.

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Furthermore, Walid believes that well-informed decisions always yield great results. For this, he has working relentlessly for months to conduct in-depth business research and study every market and its competition before coming to a final decision.

It was his strong passion that helped him to overcome all difficulties and win despite the uncertainties in the EdTech sector. Initially, Walid did make a few mistakes, but that could not stop him from reaching his target.

With every challenge, he has learned something new. After spending a huge period of time in the EdTech sector, Walid was also able to get rid of the fear of making right decisions. Recently he was selected by a Norwegian Edtech firm BE (Better Experience) as a network marketer, making his rank go way up than what he expected.

Since then, Walid has been earning 6-figure income from his profession and at the same time managing his lifestyle as an influencer.

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Walid advises that when time seems to be tough, you should keep your head down and work towards your goal. There is no other alternative to become successful, but at the same time, one has to keep evolving and changing according to the market.

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