Oporto Couture: Not only limited to luxury fashion, but also to luxury design

Oporto Couture: Not only limited to luxury fashion, but also to luxury design

Dubai: Step into the dazzling destination of Dubai and you will find global traction for mostly every brand in fashion and retail sector. From delighting local designers to chic haute couture, from vintage collections and latest trends of luxury pieces, the best of the lot find a deserving presence in Dubai.

This is the reason why Dubai is in the spotlight as the luxury Fashion Hub of the globe.

One such fashion designer based in Dubai is ‘Daniel Orlando Ortiz Oporto‘, founder of Oporto Couture. When he started off as a fashion designer in his early twenties, building businesses was not at the forefront of his mind. However, now he’s building one after the other, fast and with great passion.

“I’ve always considered myself to be an artist in one way or another. When I founded Oporto Couture, I knew that I was on the right path to use my knowledge and experience for the right purposes.”

He has been in the industry for many years but the latest buzz is about his growing brand, “Oporto Couture” which is his fashion line. Few names such as Placido Domingo, Mark Whalberg, Vittorio Griggolo and Carla Ortiz were the ones who helped Daniel Oporto in establishing the brand.

Get to know more about Oporto Couture

Design has a great significance in our lives. “Different and Unique” is what Oporto Couture conveys as a message of the brand to differentiate itself among the competition.

“We want to make our presence felt in the daily wear segment by introducing this new line of luxury clothes which are not only unique but created based on my own personal style & inspired by my environment & fashion influences.”

– Daniel Oporto

You can follow Daniel Orlando Ortiz Oporto on Instagram @oportocouture for exciting updates.

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