Navigating Dubai’s luxury car market with Al Marid Motors

Navigating Dubai's luxury car market with Al Marid Motors

Why luxury cars are so popular in Dubai? Many nations have long-standing traditions of luxury and consumerism, but none of them is as focused on cars as the upper classes of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and rest of GCC.

The growth of luxury car market in Dubai is attributed to its richness in oil, gas, and other materials that adds up to the nations’ wealth, enabling residents to purchase luxury cars with the biggest luxury car dealer in UAE – Al Marid Motors.

Navigating Dubai's luxury car market with Al Marid Motors

Al Marid Motors has established itself in the UAE’s luxury cars market. The premium car dealership is a one-stop destination to buy and sell luxury German car brands, even online.

To summarize our research, Dubai has a predisposition towards luxury cars market growth due to an emerging car culture that comes from globalization trends, religious secularization, the economic situation in the GCC, and the historical predispositions.

Moreover, this observed phenomenon can be explained from the idea of the Planned Behavior Theory, which suggests that luxury cars should be seen as an attribute of high social status, paired with the attitudes of the population and the control by this generation’s media leads to shaping buyers intentions in purchasing a luxurious car.

Hence, Al Marid Motors has played a vital role in solving the problem of purchasing the car. Their shift towards digitalisation has enabled the dealership as well as the prospective buyers to communicate seamlessly and fulfill the required documents.

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