Maria Furdychka spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve in Nammos Dubai

Maria Furdychka spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve in Nammos Dubai

Very few of fashion influencers are doing great work and impacting a positive effect on their followers’ lives. When we talk about those few fashion influencers, we cannot ignore the personality and work of Maria Furdychka, a Dubai based fashion influencer.

Her knack for fashion is a hobby, but her knack in terms of profession contains a diversified portfolio. Moreover, she has been tremendously working with the biggest brands in Dubai.

Maria is a one of the most renowned fashion models based in Dubai. She has 64k followers and regularly gets about thousands of likes per post.

Maria Furdychka spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve in Nammos Dubai

Recently Maria had posted on her IG handle attending the biggest events in Dubai, featuring biggest brands and singers. Furthermore, the gig got exciting where Maria started posting more on the New Year’s Eve, following New Year 2023 with Enrique Iglesias in Nammos Dubai.

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The King of Latin Pop Enrique Iglesias had set pulses racing when he performed live, and that alone made Maria’s night a wonderful New Year’s Eve gift for her.

Maria’s reach on her Instagram page has multiplied quickly, and her page showcases a more diverse range of outfits to propagate her sense of style.

Not only that, she also posts stunning photos from around the world against beautiful backdrops such as the ocean, murals, and popular tourist attractions. Moreover, she aims to show her followers all of the places where her fashion influences come from, and change up their fashion expectations.

She uses her Instagram account to let people across the globe view her unique, exciting sense of fashion. Her distinctive sartorial choices are certainly making waves all over the social media space, and especially so on Instagram @marifur_8.

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