Food blogger Firas Kazma to launch new tools for his blog ‘The CEO Street Food’

Food blogger Firas Kazma to launch new tools for his blog 'The CEO Street Food'

Creating a blog can be as easy a signing up for an Instagram account. You just have to take few photos on your smartphone, write a witty caption or two, and rant against a hotly-debated issue. Congo, you’ve joined the ranks of millions of other aspiring bloggers.

Creating a successful food blog that spawns few other businesses and an award-winning personality? It’s a little bit trickier. Meet Firas Kazma, a Lebanese-American businessman and food blogger, who has parlayed his passion for food into a small empire.

Firas first created his blog in 2019 as his project, CEO Street Food is Firas Kazma’s Middle Eastern food blog and the proof of his success. On the brightly designed site, FIras strikes a conversational tone in posts that feature classic dishes.

Moreover, his audience reaches out to him to know about the good restaurants in the UAE, or even the best places for trying burgers, pizzas, etc.

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Last month, Firas Kazma had announced the big news for the tools his website will feature in the Q4 of 2022. They have been named as ‘Foodo’ and ‘Restro’. Foodo enables all food enthusiasts to look out for trending dish in the UAE, whereas Restro enables all restaurants to list their address on CEO Street Food so that everyone in the UAE can check the most trending restaurants.

This one-of-a-kind tool will definitely take up the F&B industry to another level especially the way this big blogger is ideating the growth of his new projects.

You can follow Firas on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, or visit his website to check out his latest blogs.

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